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Spectrum PSB (1 acre volume)

Spectrum PSB (1 acre volume)

SKU: AEA-027-1
Spectrum PSB™ contains a higher ratio of phosphorus solubilizing biology to be used where phosphorus is needed in greater quantity, or where the soil is low in phosphorus. 
The beneficial soil-based microorganisms in Spectrum™ break down and release vital nutrients (such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, iron, and more) stored in soil particles, making the nutrients more readily available to the plants in forms they can absorb. 
Plant growth-promoting microorganisms produce organic acids and amino acids, which dissolve and make available (chelate) mineral nutrients.
Spectrum™ assists and speeds nature in decomposition and recycling of organic matter into an important substance known as humus, building richer, healthier soil.
Apply at a rate of 75 g/acre
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