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How to Order Potatoes, Onions & Exotics

We are excited to offer a new ordering system for tubers and exotics directly through our Fedco! The direct ordering system maintains the existing NOFA Bulk Order discount while offering an increased selection of tubers, onions, sweet potato slips, and exotics, including ginger and turmeric seed. Please note that this will require two separate orders, one with most bulk order items through the NOFA Bulk Order site and one for tubers through the Fedco site.


As with all NOFA Bulk Order purchases, your purchase directly through Fedco will include all shipping and delivery costs. Please see the following timeline for delivery and pickup information:


  • Onion plants - Ship directly to you according to USDA Hardiness Zone (Zone 7: February 14, Zone 6: March 7, Zone 5: April 4), or you may request a different shipping week when placing your order

  • Ginger and turmeric — Ship directly to you in early March

  • Tubers - Pick up on Saturday, April 13

  • Sweet potato slips — Ship directly to you from May 15-25


In order to place your order, please visit and select the tubers, onions, and exotics that you’re interested in purchasing. When you select an item you will be required to enter your email address and shipping zip code, after which point you can add items to your cart. Site codes are at the bottom of this page - you will need this code to have your order shipped to your Bulk Order pickup site.


Note: images below are blurry on some browsers but are only meant to guide you to the necessary places to click. Once you have added everything you’d like to purchase to your cart, click on your cart at the top right side of the page:


Once in your cart, select “Ship to NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order Depot” in the large beige box below your cart summary. Do not select "Part of a group" or "Ship to Depot", as these are not associated with the Bulk Order.

Next, enter your Site Code (listed at the bottom of this page).


Next, read the Potatoes, Onions and Exotics substitution policy and click the green “Checkout” button at the bottom of the page to finalize your order. Upon acceptance of the Site Code, your order will be marked to ship to that site (or directly to you, if applicable), and your discount will be automatically applied.


On the next page, enter your Contact Information, Delivery Address and Payment Information, confirm your NOFA Depot Order Info, then select “Save Changes & Continue” at the bottom of the page. Your order will not be finalized until after you complete checkout on the following page.

On the following page, confirm all details are correct. On this page you will see the NOFA Bulk Order discount applied to your cart, as well as details regarding your pickup location and delivery information. If everything is correct, select “Place Order” at the bottom of the page to complete your order!


Please refer to the following Site Codes to identify your Bulk Order pickup location and receive your tubers discount (remember to use these when checking out on Fedco's website to receive your bulk order discount):

  • Belchertown - NOFABE

  • Charlestown RI - NOFACH

  • Dalton - NOFADA

  • Wallingford CT - NOFAWA

  • Oakham - NOFAOA

  • Seekonk - NOFASE

  • Sherborn - NOFASH

  • Springfield - NOFASP

  • West Wareham - NOFAWW

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