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About the NOFA Tri-State Bulk Order

The NOFA Bulk Order was one of the very first programs of NOFA, the parent organization of all of the NOFA State Chapters.  It begain in 1971 with a bulk order of rock phosphate for organic growers.  Today, many state chapters run their own bulk orders, and NOFA/Mass organizes the Tri-State Bulk Order on behalf of CT NOFA, NOFA-RI, and NOFA/Mass.  

We work with a variety of suppliers to offer an array of agricultural supplies at low cost.  We keep costs low by ordering directly from suppliers, who often provide NOFA/Mass with discounted prices, and by coordinating various pick up sites across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  The Bulk Order allows members to access hard-to-find items and save on shipping costs.  Customers can pick up their order on a set date in March each year.  We are thankful to our wonderful site coordinators for helping make this happen.  

A Note for Certified Organic Farms: Baystate Organic Certifiers has reviewed and allowed all items with a few exceptions, which are clearly noted near the price.  Many items are Restricted and identified by asterisks * and other symbols; read section headers for details.  Approvals differ by state.  RI growers should check with their certifier.  

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.  Need some help?  Have more questions?  Contact your Bulk Order Team at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How and when can I place my order?

    • All orders must be placed between January 1st and January 31st.  You can place your order online or by mail using the paper form.  If ordering by mail, fill out your order form neatly, including item numbers, and don't forget to designate your pickup site.  Mail order form with payment.  Orders must be postmarked by January 31.  No late orders will be accepted.​

  • When and where do I pick up my order?​

    • You can pick up your order at one of our 9 pick up sites across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  Find more information about our sites and pick up dates here.

  • Is there a minimum order I need to make?

    • No, that's what's so great about the bulk order.  You can order as few or as many items as you like and still benefit from the low costs and coordinated pick up locations.​

  • What are my payment options?​

    • You can pay online or by check or money order.  Please consider paying by check even when ordering online.  NOFA receives 100% of all check payments and 97% of all credit card payments.  All checks must be post-marked by January 31.  Please expect a 2-week processing time.  ​

  • Can I get a paper copy of the bulk order catalogue?​

    • Certainly!  You can access a PDF here or email your request and address to and we will mail you one.​

  • Can my community garden place an order?​

    • Yes.  Check out the page we created just for community gardeners.​

  • What do I pay for shipping?​

    • A great part of the bulk order is that we're able to keep prices on great products fairly affordable through working directly with suppliers and coordinating drop off sites.  All shipping costs are reflected in the price of each item - there are no additional shipping fees.​

  • Why are some items taxed?​

    • If you are picking up your items at Massachusetts site you must pay a 6.25% sales tax on all items with sku numbers 300-360 (taxable items).  You can claim exempt status if your business is not-for profit (include copies of forms ST-5 and ST-2), or if you are a commercial farm (include a copy of Form ST-12, downloadable from  Email forms to or mail with your order form and payment.  Sales tax will be charged unless exempt status documentation accompanies the order form.  

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