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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Secure Payment Processing: All credit card payments are processed securely off-site by PayPal or Stripe, using advanced SSL encryption to keep your information secure.  You are not charged for this method of payment.  Please refer to PayPal or Stripe for full terms and conditions of use.

Volume Discount: If your order totals over $500 (before taxes and membership), you may deduct 2%; over $1,000 deduct 3%, over $2,500 deduct 4%.  If you qualify for the discount and must pay Massachusetts Sales Tax, figure the tax after calculating the discounted total.

Taxes: Anyone picking up at a Massachusetts site must pay a 6.25% sales tax on all of the items with SKU numbers ending in T.  However, you can claim exempt status if your business is not-for-profit (include copies of forms ST-5 and ST-2), or if you are a commercial farm (include a copy of form ST-12, downloadable from  Sales tax will be charged unless exempt status documentation accompanies the order form.

Deliveries: We can offer full-pallet pricing for most of the minerals and fertilizers listed; prices for bulk loads of VCC compost & potting soils are already listed.  To qualify for this pallet pricing, we require you to arrange for your own drop delivery at individual farms or other pre-designates sites.  Please contact the bulk order team to determine pallet pricing and drop shipping rates, which are to be included in your payment. To order compost slings contact delivery costs vary by location and volume discounts do not apply.

Certified Organic Growers who buy products through this order are still responsible for their own documentation.  In the case of non-organically grown cover crop seed, onion sets, and shallots, you must demonstrate organic sources were unavailable.  Contact Baystate Organic Certifiers (or your local certifier) directly, or 774-872-5544, with any questions.

Refunds: If any product problems arise, contact immediately.  All refunds will be issued after tuber distribution in April.

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