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PhotoMag™ is a synergistic blend of minerals designed to provide the key nutrients used in photosynthesis and protein synthesis. 
PhotoMag™contains magnesium to provide the building block of chlorophyll and sulfur, boron, cobalt and molybdenum to aid in the production of proteins. PhotoMag™ helps increase photosynthetic efficiency, it promotes better mineral mobility from soil reserves, and facilitates nitrate metabolism within the plant.
Forages: Up to 6 qt/acre, 10-14 days after each cutting
Fruits and vegetables: As a foliar and/or in irrigation, up to 1 gal/acre, every 7-14 days
Broad acre crops: as a row starter or side dress, up to 2 gal/acre, based on soil analysis. As a foliar, up to 1 gal/acre
Baystate Organic Certification Note: Use restriction - Soil deficiency must be documented by testing (includes boron, cobalt, molybdenum). Must not to be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant Note from Baystate Organic Certifiers: Baystate Organic Certifiers note: Allowed with Restriction. Must be documented (includes boron, cobalt, molybdenum).
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