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OGS Fish Hydrolysate

OGS Fish Hydrolysate

PriceFrom $27.50

(2-5-1). Some stock remains with an NPK of 2-5-0.2. Fish heads, bones, skin and guts finely ground and then enzymatically digested. Produced using waste from fish processing, not from wild-harvested whole fish. The resulting gurry is stabilized with phosphoric acid. Liquid goes into solution readily and can be used as foliar feed.Strain before adding to a drip irrigation system to avoid clogging the lines. Concentrated: use 2–4 Tbsp/gal of water for garden application or foliar spray. Use 2.75-6.25 quarts/50 gallons water per acre


Baystate Organic Certification Note: Allowed with Restrictions - Product contains highly soluble N and must be applied in a manner that does not contribute to the contamination of crops, soil or water.

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