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Kelp Liquid Concentrate

Kelp Liquid Concentrate

PriceFrom $13.00

(NPK: 0-0-4) New formula is twice as concentrated as the liquid kelp we carried for years: higher price, but you need only half as much! Maine-harvested Ascophyllum nodosum, also known as rockweed, knotted wrack or kelp, is a source of growth-promoting and -regulating hormones. Along with the potassium content, its diverse micronutrient package enhances plant development and yield. Use when starting seeds to improve seed germination and increase root growth. Also useful as a drench to help prevent transplant shock. As a foliar feed, it will increase mineral uptake in leaves and improve photosynthesis.

Can be applied to seed, root or foliage at 1 Tbsp/gal water. For an acre, use 2–4 pints of concentrate mixed with at least 50 gal water. Can be applied every 1–4 weeks throughout the growing season. Add ½ tsp/gal ThermX™ 70 as a spreader-sticker to increase coverage and absorption. Mix with Fish Hydrolysate for a well-rounded nutrient boost!

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