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Karanja Oil -OG

Karanja Oil -OG

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Eastern tradition and Western utilitarianism meet again! Enlightened growers of veggies, fruits and medical ganja value karanja oil for its noteworthy pest- and disease-fighting properties.


Pressed from the seed of the pongam tree of India, the oil is rich in several bitter flavonoids that stimulate plant immune function. Numerous studies have shown the oil to prevent many pests from feeding and laying eggs and to kill pests such as mites, aphids and leafminer larvae. Studies also show karanja works synergistically with a number of pest management sprays—especially Neem Oil—to significantly improve their efficacy, and it lasts longer on plants than other botanical insecticides.


Michael Phillips “completely recommends” using karanja in the Holistic Orchard Spray regime. It may be used instead of neem for plants like pear trees that can have a phytotoxic response to neem oil. It’s also safer for bees, containing no azadirachtins. Furthermore, karanja remains a liquid at 40° or colder, making it easier to mix than neem. Very safe to handle and spray.


To make a spray, mix 1 oz karanja oil (or ½ karanja and ½ neem oil) with 2 tsp biodegradable dish soap, and add to 1 gal lukewarm water.

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