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Jute Trellis Netting 6.5'x150'

Jute Trellis Netting 6.5'x150'

SKU: OGS-8858-A-Tx

A netted grid of 6 x 6" squares for all your vertical (vining crops) and horizontal (flowers and cannabis) support needs. Some even wrap it around fruit trees to keep large birds and mammals from accessing the ripe fruit. Made from the jute plant, Corchorus spp., which originated on the Indian subcontinent.

Unlike our nylon trellis netting, jute netting does not stretch, which is very advantageous for numerous applications. Withstands up to three seasons of use. Jute cultivation requires no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, and it grows during the rainy season with little need for irrigation. The plants are hand-harvested instead of by machinery. Treated with food-grade vegetable oil. Made in India.

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