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Fish Hydrolysate with Kelp

Fish Hydrolysate with Kelp

PriceFrom $31.50

(2-5-1) Some stock remains with an NPK of 2-5-0.2. All the N, P & K of fish, along with the micro-nutrients and growth hormones of kelp. Produced using waste from fish processing, not from wild-harvested whole fish. Can be used as a foliar feed, in drip irrigation (be sure to filter it after mixing with water), and for better seed germination & seedling growth. Alice’s preferred drench for onions and other early transplants; provides readily available nitrogen when microbes are still sluggish in cold spring soil and encourages vigorous rooting. Improves plant vigor and stress resistance, increases storage life of produce.Use 4 Tbsp/gal water for fertigation, or 2 Tbsp/gal water for foliar spray. Use 2.75-6.25 quarts/50 gallons water per acre.

Baystate Organic Certification Note: Allowed with Restrictions - Product contains highly soluble N and must be applied in a manner that does not contribute to the contamination of crops, soil or water.

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