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Vetch/Winter Rye OG

Vetch/Winter Rye OG

PriceFrom $8.00

78% winter rye and 22% hairy vetch. Superb cover crop mix for fall planting where mechanical tillage is available the following spring. Excellent choice for a field that will not be planted the following spring. Mow after flowering to kill the plants, then incorporate by tilling, and allow 3–4 weeks for the rye to decompose before replanting. Produces abundant biomass, adds nitrogen to the soil and suppresses weed growth. The rye acts as a nurse crop for the vetch, protecting it from frost damage and providing support for the vines, making mowing much easier. Growers working with hand tools should consider a blend of oats and peas instead.

  • Use Cases and Grow Instructions

    Seed at 80–100#/acre, 2–3#/1000 sq ft. Both components certified organic.

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