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Surround WP Crop Protectant 25# *RESTRICTED*

Surround WP Crop Protectant 25# *RESTRICTED*

SKU: OGS-8720-A-Tx

This crop protectant is 95% kaolin clay, but this ain’t pottery-grade kaolin. A patented process of centrifuging and filtering delivers a critical particle size of 1.4 microns and a pure white color. Prevents insects from recognizing their targets, and, if they land, inhibits their access to the plant’s surface and causes irritation and excessive grooming. Particle sizes larger than 1.4 microns do not form an effective barrier to insects, and impurities in unrefined kaolin may injure plant health. Recommended for controlling European apple sawfly, plum curculio, Japanese beetle, leafhopper, Colorado potato beetle, thrips and other maleficial insects on fruit crops and field crops. Effective against cucumber beetles on cucurbits. The white surface also reflects sunlight, preventing sunburn and heat damage. Michael Phillips at Lost Nation Orchard estimates that one 25# bag is sufficient to treat 10 fruit trees for one season. Begin application before petal-fall. Apply 2–3 times the first week to build up a good coating and then every 10–14 days or as the film weathers or new growth appears, more frequently in rainy weather. Maintain a good coat until plum curculio season ends, around June 30 in central Maine. Use 25#/50 gal water for concentrated use; 25#/100 gal water for diluted spray, ½#/gal water in hand and backpack sprayers. Please see pesticide label here. EPA reg. 61842-18.


Baystate Organic Certification Note: Prevention must be used first


    Prevention must be used first

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