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Sunn Hemp

Sunn Hemp

PriceFrom $12.50

Crotolaria juncea Annual legume. Up to 6'. Frost sensitive. This rock star cover crop builds organic matter, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, controls harmful nematodes, and it still finds time to be beautiful.

Warm-season legume grows vigorously in good conditions, effectively shading out weeds. In 60 days it can produce more than 5000#/acre biomass and fix 140#/acre of nitrogen! At this stage it will have just started producing its lovely yellow flowers.

Used as a fiber crop in India since prehistoric times; with enough heat, plants can grow 6' high with stems 2" thick! Unlikely to get quite that large up here in the tundra. Tolerates dry conditions. Extremely frost sensitive.

Some varieties are suitable for livestock forage, but our seed comes to us “variety not stated” so we do not recommend it for that purpose. Not related to the fun kind of hemp and looks nothing like it, so you won’t get suspicious looks from law enforcement.

  • Use Cases and Grow Instructions

    Seed after soil reaches 60°, but before Aug. 15, 30–50#/acre, 1–2#/1000 sq ft. Raw seed: inoculate with legume inoculant.

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