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Summer Conference 2023 Workshop Recordings

Summer Conference 2023 Workshop Recordings


Through our work and our principles as organic growers, we know that the wellbeing of nature is fundamental to the wellbeing of our bodies and communities.


This year's theme of Buen Vivir: Celebrating Harmony with Nature and our Communities spanned a week of online workshops, and culminated in a hybrid weekend experience online and in person, which connected growers, workers, community leaders, friends of pollinators and land stewards.


We invite you to connect with these skill-generating, knowledge-enhancing and community- building conversations!


After you make your purchase, workshop recordings from the July 24-29 workshops will arrive in your inbox in the form of a link to a playlist which offers 30+ hours of insight, wisdom and lessons shared by peers, specialists and thought leaders working in the Northeast and far beyond. 


Your purchase supports NOFA Conference staff and our ongoing education programming. Thank you for your support, and may you glean inspiration from these sessions!


As you access the videos, keep in mind that you are welcome to watch with friends and family, but please do not share the link or embed videos elsewhere online.


Workshop recordings included with purchase

English/Spanish interpreted workshops***


  • Keynote Panel on Buen Vivir and the Rights of Nature in Organic Growing***
  • Ishkay Yachay: Ancestral Indigenous Pedagogy for a Good Life***
  • Pedagogía Ishkay Yachay Para Un Buen Vivir Ayllupi***

  • Native Perennial Food Plants for Your Edible Landscape

  • Turning Lawns Into Meadows

  • The Care of Bees: Ethics, Aesthetics and a Good Life***

  • Cuido de Abejas: Otras éticas, Estéticas y un Buen Vivir***

  • Talking About Climate Change and Farming with Friends, Customers, Colleagues and our Communities

  • Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS) as a Compost Inoculant for Vegetable Farming

  • Hosting Beneficial Creatures in your Farm or Garden

  • Darkness at Night: Essential for Life

  • Cultivating Well-Being on Farms in the Northeast

  • Biointensive Growing for Income, Sustainability and Soil Health***

  • El Método Biointensivo: Creciendo La Sostenibilidad & Bienestar del Suelo***

  • Rooftop Pollinator Parade: Green Roofs and their Role as Urban Habitat Creators

  • The Farm Labor Dilemma

  • Microbial Predators in Soil: Hunting for Healthy Soil Ecosystems

  • Forty Acres and a Honda: BIPOC Land Access, Reparations and the Family Farm Dream***

  • Cuarenta acres y un Honda: BIPOC acceso a la tierra, reparaciones y el sueño de la granja familiar***

  • Soapmaking 101 - Parts 1 & 2

  • Improving Pastures & Animal Health through Management

  • Managing a Transition Year To Biological Agriculture

  • Supporting Insect Life with Native Plants

  • Cooperatives in Principle and Practice

  • Easy DIY Automation for Small Farms and Gardens

  • Why Certify?

  • Dumping the Bag-Garden Fertility Without Purchased Inputs

  • Biochar on the Farm

  • Native Corn and Food Sovereignty***

  • Máiz Nativa y La Soberanía Alimentaria***

  • Small Scale Regenerative Food Systems

  • Grow Great Garlic!

  • Heirloom Tools: Considering Sustainable Options for a Lifetime of Use

  • Climate Adaptation Roundtable

  • Working Together - Plant Varieties that Work for Organic Growers

  • Construyendo la comunidad para un sistema alimentario roto***

  • Community Building for a Broken Food System***

  • Managing Invasives - The Why and How

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