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Stirrup Hoe - 7"

Stirrup Hoe - 7"

SKU: OGS-8891-A-Tx

Also known as the scuffle hoe, this is an essential tool for dealing with weeds small and large. The oscillating head works its way under the soil surface, where it slices through the weeds’ roots while you stay comfortably upright, without needing to exert much downward pressure. Excellent for footpaths and in beds where rows are widely spaced. Start on one end of the path or row and scuffle your way backwards, cutting the roots with each pull stroke.

Fedco’s sturdy version combines a head manufactured by a New York farmer with a handle made from Appalachian ash, embossed with the Fedco logo so you display your co-op loyalty. 7" wide blades are sharpenable and replaceable. Handle is 1¼ x 60" and the overall tool length is 66". We recommend treating the handle with linseed oil every year, for the life of the tool. Also available in 5" wide.

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