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Sticky Strips, bundle of 10, Yellow

Sticky Strips, bundle of 10, Yellow

SKU: OGS-8648-A-Tx

Conventional and organic growers alike commonly use sticky strip traps as part of their integrated pest management programs, to monitor the presence and population level of insect pest species to determine when populations are high enough that crops will suffer significant damage and treatment will be economically justifiable.

Used in high concentrations on small plantings, sticky strip traps can even control pests all by themselves. Different colors attract different insects.

Choose these yellow traps for aphids, cucumber beetles, fungus gnats, corn root worms or whiteflies.

Choose our blue traps for thrips and leafminers; these are uniquely attracted to blue, while most other insects avoid it.

Yellow traps come with looped metal stakes while the blue ones come with their own wire hangers.

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