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Granulated Rock Phosphate

Granulated Rock Phosphate

PriceFrom $10.50

(0-7-0, 20% total Phosphate, plus at least 30% Ca and 10% SiO2. Natural phosphorus source from mines in British Columbia, Montana, and Mexico. Apply with Sulfur or Hum-Amend Max to improve solubility.

Adequate phosphorus results in more vigorous early root formation, better flower and seed production, better growth in cold temperatures, and better water use efficiency. Typical deficiency symptoms are stunted growth, blue-green to purple coloration of the leaves, delayed maturity, and reduced production of flowers and seeds.

This product is a better value than Calphos, which we carried for years: the price per ton is just slightly higher but Fertoz products offer twice the level of soluble Phosphorus.

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