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A blend of iron phosphate, a naturally occurring soil mineral, with snail and slug bait. Many species of snails and slugs are attracted to the bait, leaving their hiding places and plants to feed. When they ingest even small quantities of iron phosphate, they cease feeding and die a few days later. Damage reduction is almost immediate.Scatter on the lawn or around plants or in the soil around trees and shrubs. Ground or lawn should be moist when applying. Apply at 1#/1000 sq ft, 1 tsp/sq yd. Reapply as the bait is taken. EPA reg. 67702-3-54705.
Baystate Organic Certification Note: Use restriction - May be used as slug and snail bait if the requirements of 205.206(e) are met, which requires the use of preventative, mechanical, physical, and other pest, weed, and disease management practices. Note from Baystate Organic Certifiers: Baystate Organic Certifiers indicates that it is allowed with restriction. Prevention must be used first.
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