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Sisal Garden Twine 3000'

Sisal Garden Twine 3000'

SKU: OGS-8866-A

Premium untreated 1-ply twine made from the sisal plant, Agave sisalana, which originated in Central America. The utility of this twine is endless (until you get to the end of the roll). A good companion to Biodegradable Tomato Clips for trellising vine crops; it’s okay if the “jaws” on the clip can’t bite the entire thickness of the twine; simply pull some of the strands of the twine away to have the clip bite a portion of them. Thrifty growers may get more than one year’s use but don’t count on that; whenever you’re through with it, you can compost it. Comes in a 10# ball, 3000 feet. For best results, pull the twine from inside the ball. Tensile strength 240 lb.

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