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Seed Starter Compost Blend

Seed Starter Compost Blend

A blend of Holiday Brook Farm's ‘Black Gold’ compost, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. It is screened to 1/2", making it easy to use in 98 cell trays or similar propagation trays. This light-weight soil blend allows for proper drainage while retaining moisture and nutrients, speeding up the germination process and encouraging a strong root system for vigorous, healthy seedlings. Holiday Brook Farm uses this blend as their base mix and adds nutrients as needed. It typically takes 6-8 weeks before plants start showing signs of needing amendments added to the soil blend. At this point they add dehydrated chicken manure (check out Kreher Family Farms for an OMRI listed source) for slow release nitrogen. Other trace minerals can be added at your discretion, but they've found that the compost has enough nutrients to keep plants growing strong until they can be transplanted to their permanent location.


Also available in 2cu.yd. sling delivered directly to you for $715 + shipping. To order, submit the compost sling form here by Friday, February 3rd. The Bulk Order team will get back to you with a shipping quote from the supplier, and will wait for your approval before finalizing the order and sending an invoice. Any sling order started by Feburary 3rd will be honored if confirmed by Friday February 17th. Slings are in stock - they are marked "out of stock" as the volume discount does not apply to them and to avoid charging you before we know the shipping cost.


Use restriction: not approved for organic use

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