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Rice Hulls 7 cu ft

Rice Hulls 7 cu ft

SKU: OGS-8392-A

A great alternative to perlite in your growing medium—carbonaceous, renewable and less dusty to mix. May be included at up to a third of your potting mix by volume. Also used as a mulch for container plants to retain soil moisture and improve microbial activity. Parboiled to eliminate viable weed seeds. Improves aeration and retains moisture. May cause rapid surface dry-out even when underlying soil moisture is ample; be sure not to overwater. Remains stable during the average plant production cycle with minimal nitrogen tie-up. Actual net weight of hulls is 50# per bag and 800# per pallet (approximately 7 cubic feet per bag and 112 cubic feet per pallet), but we established shipping weights of 65# per bag and 1800# per pallet because of how bulky this product is.

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