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Rejuvenate™ is a blend of carbohydrates, enzyme cofactors, and humic substances designed to provide the commonly missing resources needed by fledgling bacterial populations, which are the base of your farm ecosystem. Rejuvenate ensures a successful inoculation event, getting microbes established in all manner of conditions. 
Such a dramatic increase of soil microbial populations is a key component of disease suppressive soils that can grow crops resistant to soil-borne fungal pathogens, and provide plants with a high-quality source of nutrients during the growing season. 
Row starter: up to 6 qt/acre
Cover crops before incorporation: up to 2 gal/acre
Crop residues: up to 3 gal/acre or 2 gal/acre for fields with little or no residue. Add a biological inoculant in fields with low microbial activity
Rejuvenate™ plays a key role in our fall programs because of its ability to support accelerated microbial break down of crop residue and aggressively improve soil structure and drainage.
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