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Regalia CG Biofungicide

Regalia CG Biofungicide

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Put invasive plants to good use! Regalia’s active ingredient is extract of giant knotweed, an aggressive plant invader in many countries around the world. Sprayed on your crops, it induces systemic resistance, stimulating biochemical pathways that strengthen the plant structure to fight pathogenic fungi. Reapply every 7–14 days to protect new growth.


May also be applied as a soil drench or through drip irrigation to improve root quality and protect against soil-borne pathogens. Labeled for a broad range of fungal diseases in most edible crops. Definitely worth a try to prevent late blight in your potatoes!


Various university trials have shown Regalia to be effective for downy and powdery mildew in cucurbits; bacterial spot, septoria leaf spot and powdery mildew in field tomatoes; mummy berry in blueberries; and powdery mildew and Botrytis bunch rot in grapes. Cannabis growers use it as a drench administered with liquid nutrients to prevent fungal problems, which is probably a good idea since you really don’t want to be smoking copper-based fungicides. Safe for bees. Please see pesticide label here. EPA reg. 84059-3.

  • Use Cases & Grow Instructions

    • As a pre-plant dip for improved plant health and suppression of certain soil-borne diseases: 1–2 qts per 100 gallons of water (submerge roots or plugs ensuring full coverage, then remove) prior to transplanting.
    • As foliar spray: 2–4 qts per 100 gallons of water.
    • As soil drench: 1–2 qts per 100 gallons of water, and at a sufficient rate to thoroughly soak the growing media and root zone.
    • In-furrow spraying: 1–2 qts per acre (detailed instructions on product label).
    • Drip irrigation: 1–4 qts per acre (detailed instructions on product label).
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