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Raw Biochar

Raw Biochar

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Join the carbon-farming revolution. Biochar is the product of heating organic matter in a low-oxygen environment: instead of releasing the carbon into the atmosphere, this converts it to a highly stable form that can be held in the soil for hundreds or thousands of years. Think of biochar as a kind of super-compost!

Biochar helps your soil sequester more carbon and emit less nitrous oxide (a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide). It provides a dream home for beneficial bacteria and fungi and prevents essential plant nutrients from leaching out of the root zone.

This is 100% pure horticultural grade raw char, with 70 to 85% fixed carbon. Apply raw char at up to 20#/1000 sq ft or 700#/acre on ground that you are resting or preparing to put into production for the first time. Do not apply this product as-is to ground that is currently in production! Raw char may inhibit plant growth for a year or two after application: the native soil microbes consume available nitrogen while slowly colonizing the micropore matrix. Then the magic happens and plant growth explodes in year three or four. If you can't wait that long, blend raw char with your compost feedstock, using up to 50% char. The compost will finish faster and the compost/biochar blend may be applied to growing plants with immediate benefits. And if you’re REALLY in a hurry, soak the biochar in compost tea for 24 hours (this is only practical for small operations, since the mucky wet biochar would not handle well in a mechanical spreader). But Mother Nature counsels patience.

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