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Pro-Holly 4-6-4 - 50#

Pro-Holly 4-6-4 - 50#

SKU: NCO-031-50
PRO-HOLLY 4-6-4 is a natural fertilizer blended from mineral and organic ingredients specifically made for ericaceous/acid loving plants such as: Azaleas, Blueberries, Chrysanthemums, Ferns, Gardenias, Rhododendrons, Heaths, Heathers, Huckleberries, Hydrangeas, Marigolds, Mountain Laurels, Oak trees, Pachysandras, Lupine, Raspberries, Yews, Flax, and other acid loving plants. Pro-Holly 4-6-4 is specially formulated to meet the nutrient needs of plants that require more acidic conditions. The natural ingredients provide, not only the major and minor nutrients required by acid-loving plants, but also act to maintain the proper pH in the soil. Applications of 1 pound of Pro-Holly 4-6-4 per two feet of crown diameter spread under the drip line of the plant in the fall and again in spring are recommended. The feeder roots are close to the surface of the ground and spread from under the plants branches to well outside the dripline. Pro- Holly 4-6-4 should be broad cast in this area around the entire plant if possible. The fertilizer can be applied over mulch layers but the plant will respond faster if the mulch is removed and replaced after the fertilizer has been applied.
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