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Orchard Grass OG

Orchard Grass OG

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Dactylis glomerata Perennial grass. Up to 18". Long-lived vigorous grass can be established in spring, in summer, or by frost-seeding in late winter. Tall leafy plants grow rapidly even in poor soils, tolerates moderately drained soils. 

  • Use Cases and Grow Instructions

     Seed at 20–40 lbs per acre, or 5–6 lbs with 8–12 lbs of alfalfa or red clover per acre. 1 lb per 1000 sq ft alone. ②

    As perennial pasture: Grazing will help overcome its tendency to form coarse bunches. Provides good warm-weather growth.

    As perennial hay: Bunching habit will be reduced if sown with red clover or alfalfa. More shade-tolerant than timothy. Makes a leafy palatable hay that is preferred for alpacas and horses.

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