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NOFA Cover Crop Cocktail OG

NOFA Cover Crop Cocktail OG

PriceFrom $12.00

Complex cover crop blends are trending on the organic ag scene; so what’s all the buzz about? Just as a well-mixed cocktail balances a variety of flavor profiles to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts, planting a well-designed blend of multiple cover crops can accomplish more than planting a single species.

With annuals and biennials, grasses and legumes and broadleafs, and roots of all shapes and sizes, this blend mimics natural diversity and encourages a flourishing and balanced microbial population. Another advantage of diverse blends is that if your field conditions are not conducive to one or two species in the blend, the others will help take up the slack.

Best for long rotations: plant in August or September and allow to grow to midsummer of next season. Contains field peas, winter rye, winter wheat, barley, oats, medium red clover, daikon radish, and hairy vetch. 

  • Use Cases and Grow Instructions

    Seed at 50–75#/acre or 1–2#/1000 sq ft.

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