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Felco Trip & Pick Snips #322

Felco Trip & Pick Snips #322

SKU: OGS-9027-A
Slim sharp shears for seriously snappy snips! Per Fedco's OGS coordinator, Renee, “this style is indispensable on the farm—it is the go-to pruner for most any garden tending task.” The blades are straight with slightly rounded tips, which prevents damage in fruiting and vining crops, herbs and flowers, and anything else you must weave your way into. Blades are carbon steel with chromium coating to stop corrosion. The sap groove mitigates buildup and provide consistently smooth cutting. The stainless steel spring mechanism makes for ergonomic handling, as do the shock absorbers. Don’t mess around with cheaper look-alikes—invest in Felco-made tools. Weighs in at a mere ¼ pound. Overall tool length 7½".
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