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CannaDiesel Mix

CannaDiesel Mix

PriceFrom $12.00

A high-octane well-balanced blend to fuel your grow! This fertilizer and amendment mix includes all the goodies contained in our well-loved CannaLot MegaSoil, minus the compost and potting soil. Local growers requested we offer this slimmed-down version because they plant into the ground (rather than containers) and didn’t need the soil. It’s also cheaper to ship without the soil.

Contains customer Dan K’s time-honored CannaLot blend of alfalfa, soybean, blood, crab and kelp meals, along with worm castings, zeolites, rock phosphate, Azomite, bone char, wollastonite, basalt, and MycoApply.

To maximize growth without overdoing the fertility, we recommend these proportions for each plant grown in a pot: 15 pounds CannaDiesel mixed with 2½ gallons of nice compost and 10 gallons of fertile potting soil. For planting in the ground, forgo the potting soil and use the same proportions CannaDiesel and compost for each 2 cu ft hole. As with anything, it’s best to try it with just one plant before you switch over your entire operation to a different fertilizer. To make this mix shelf-stable, the nitrogen-rich ingredients are packed in a small bag within the main bag.

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