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Micro 5000 Organic 0-0-15

Micro 5000 Organic 0-0-15

PriceFrom $52.50

Micro 5000 Organic™ foliar fertilizer, like the original Micro 5000™ formula, is a scientifically formulated combination of beneficial microbes and plant nutrients derived from sea plants for orchards, vegetable crops, vineyards, and more. Soil fertility often cannot be amended in time to make effective corrections during one short season. But plants are able to absorb nutrients through the surface cells and stomata of their foliage, and foliar feeding is a fast and effective way to correct nutrient deficiencies or supplement any fertility program. Used as a foliar, the microbial additions to the foliage increases atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus absorption rates of the plant leaves, thus reducing the amount of supplemental nutrients needed.


Micro 5000™ Organic can be used several times throughout the growing season for additional nutritional support of the crop. Apply at a minimum of 75g/acre and up to 150g/acre.

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