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Maggot Barriers - Pack of 100

Maggot Barriers - Pack of 100

SKU: OGS-8626-A-Tx

Stretchable 100% nylon sleeves prevent apple maggot, codling moth and plum curculio from damaging tree fruits. Yes, these are essentially pantyhose coverings for individual apples, pears or stone fruits. This approach may seem like a bit of a “stretch,” but when you consider how much time, energy and material inputs go into managing insect pests with spraying, it may be that nylon barriers are better-suited to your scenario. Can be used in conjunction with the Holistic Orchard Spray regime, which boosts tree vigor and immunity. Barriers can be used in other creative ways to block birds, rodents and deer from pecking, gnawing or stealing the goods of fruiting crops of any kind.

Apply barriers when fruitlets are less than 1" in diameter and leave plenty of sleeve beyond the tip of the fruit to allow for growth. Then twist neck of sleeve tightly and seal around the stem with twist ties or clips. Made in the USA, these earthtone barriers are reusable. Heavy weave and reinforced seam; outperforms others on the market. Comes with 100 barriers.

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