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Ladino Clover OG

Ladino Clover OG

Trifolium repens Perennial legume. 8-12" tall, among the largest white clovers. This cultivar dates back to at least 1847. Among all white clovers, Ladino is known to fix the most nitrogen per acre and will outperform others on poorly drained soil. Resents shallow soils prone to drought. Frost-seed at 4–5#/acre, or 2–3# when mixed with grasses ¼# /1000 sq ft. NEW!
As cover crop: Produces as much biomass as any clover species. Seed it on its own, or follow Will Bonsall’s lead and sow under corn after hilling in midsummer. Bonsall says, “The clover makes a slow start, especially in the shade of the corn, and only starts putting on serious growth after the corn comes out in September. It makes modest growth up until snowfall, but that is greatly enhanced if I let it overwinter and resume growth in early spring.” 
As forage/pasture: Excellent for pigs because of its unusually low fiber content. High marks for  protein, digestibility and ease of establishment. Tall enough to be harvested for hay, silage, and green chop.
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