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HoloPhos™ is a non-synthetic blend of a uniquely processed natural phosphorus source, valuable to many crops for improving photosynthesis and plant root vigor.
Phosphorus enhances root vigor and plant vitality, improves photosynthetic efficiency, enables energy metabolism and storage, comprises ATP and ADP, "The Energy Molecules,” and serves as a transport mechanism for glucose molecules. 
HoloPhos™ is derived from high quality, mined phosphate ore that contains many trace minerals and rare earth elements. HoloPhos™ contains a complex blend of phosphorus sources chelated with stable humic substances to enhance availability to the plant and reduce soil “tie-up”. HoloPhos™ provides a unique blended source of phosphorous and calcium created using a patented micronization process that, instead of stripping nutrients like most other manufacturing processes, retains all the nutrients from the ore and makes them readily available to the plant.
Fruits and vegetables: As a foliar and/or in irrigation, apply up to 1 gal/acre, every 7-14 days 
Broad acre crops: Up to 2 gal/acre as a row starter or side dress. 1 gal/acre as as a foliar
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