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HoloCal™ is a non-synthetic blend of a uniquely processed, natural source of calcium valuable to many crops for improving plant vigor, fruit quality and storability.
Many plant disorders can look like bacterial or fungal infection, but in reality are caused by a lack of calcium. In addition, calcium deficiency adversely affects fruit set and fruit formation. Deficiency symptoms include yellow leaf margins on most crops; blossom end rot in tomatoes; bitter pit in apples and many other fruit quality challenges. Using HoloCal can prevent many common fruit quality problems by building strong cell walls and enabling complementary nutrient flow to increase plant resistance to abiotic stresses. 
Soil: Apply up to 2 gal/acre at apporpriate plant growth stages
Foliar: Apply up to 1 gal/acre at appropriate plant growth stages
Fertigation: Apply up to 1 gal/acre at appropriate plant growth stages
Baystate Organic Certification Note: Use restriction - Deficiency must be documented (includes boron). Must not to be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant. Note from Baystate Organic Certifiers: Baystate Organic Certifiers note: Allowed with Restriction. Boron deficiency must be documented.
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