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Holo-K™ is a natural non-synthetic blend of uniquely processed potassium, valuable to many crops for improving fruit quality and storability. Potassium deficiency adversely affects fruit quality in the form of reduced size, low test weight and poor flavor. Deficiency symptoms in the plant include brown leaf margins on most crops; early blight, green core and yellow shoulder in tomatoes. Holo-K enhances sugar transport to roots, new growth and fruit. It regulates the opening and closing of stomata, leading to increased resistance to environmental stresses.


Soil: Apply up to 2 gal/acre

Foliar: Apply up to 1 gal/acre at appropriate plant growth stages

Fertigation: Apply up to 1 gal/acre at appropriate plant growth stages.


Baystate Organic Certification Note: Use restriction - Deficiency must be documented (cobalt). Must not to be used as a defoliant, herbicide, or desiccant.

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