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Hi-Cal Limestone Pelletized

Hi-Cal Limestone Pelletized

PriceFrom $7.00

Pro-Select Prill (87% CaCO3, 7% MgCO3). Cal Carb Equivalent 95.8%. The most common and most frequently used soil conditioner. Calcitic is the fancy name of the product we used to call Hi-Cal lime. Calcitic contains just 1/6 the amount of magnesium carbonate as dolomitic lime, so it’s recommended over dolomitic for soils with excess magnesium.

Aragonite and Calcitic are both calcium carbonate, just with a different crystalline structure and from different sources: Calcitic is mined rock, while aragonite is derived from mollusk shells. Calcitic contains marginally more magnesium than aragonite.

Prilled with 2% sodium salt lignin, an NOP-allowed synthetic, as a binding agent.

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