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Garden Irrigation Starter Kit

Garden Irrigation Starter Kit

SKU: OGS-9098-A-Tx

Garden row-crop kit for 200' of irrigation uses low-flow drip tape for a uniform distribution of moisture along the tapes. Includes setup instructions.

Get started from the spigot with:
Vacuum breaker to prevent backflow into your water system
200 mesh drip filter
10 psi pressure regulator
Mainline Hose Beginning to connect from spigot or garden hose to mainline

Garden Irrigation Starter Kit also includes:
200' of low-flow drip tape
100' of ½" polyethylene mainline tubing
2 mainline ends with screw caps - removable for flushing line
1 Coupler ( ½") - joins two pieces of mainline tubing
10 drip tape fittings which plug into the mainline
10 drip tape ends to seal the end of a line of drip tape
2 tape couplers to repair breaks or tears in the drip tape line
20 wire holddowns
Purple punch - makes ¼" holes in mainline to install drip tape
10 two-way plugs - fill holes in mainline if you relocate drip tape fittings

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