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Fertrell Thorvin Kelp Meal (org) 50#

Fertrell Thorvin Kelp Meal (org) 50#

SKU: PG-128-50

Thorvin Kelp is harvested from Iceland in an organic harvest site. The fresh harvest is immediately brought to a dryer near the harvest area, so they don't lose any of the nutrients in transport. Thorvin Kelp is then dried at controlled low temperatures using geothermal energy, a renewable resource, to concentrate its rich nutrient profile. Thorvin contains one third less moisture, 30% more iodine, and is the only kelp supplement with a guaranteed selenium claim. Thorvin Kelp is certified organic and OMRI-Listed.


Note from Baystate Organic Certifiers: Baystate Organic Certifiers note: Allowed (Crops or Livestock)

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