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EcoMulch Earthtone - 3'x50' Roll

EcoMulch Earthtone - 3'x50' Roll

SKU: OGS-8401-A-Tx

Hooray for the release of this OMRI-listed heavy duty paper mulch! Reclaimed cardboard, 100% bio-based, biodegradable/compostable, it blocks weeds while preserving moisture and your conscience. Thicker and sturdier than most other paper mulches on the market, yet its clever crêped finish makes it a cinch to lay out because it naturally conforms to the shape of your beds. Can be laid by machine or by hand. Breathable and water-penetrable, so it’s compatible with both drip and overhead irrigation.

Sure, plastic mulches are a cheaper investment at the beginning of the season, but factor in end-of-season labor when plastic must be pulled up and deposited in a landfill. EcoMulch can be left to break down in situ, where it adds organic matter (~400 lb of carbon per acre!), improving the soil physically and biologically. Some crops, like peppers, may yield higher with plastic mulch, but many crops perform better with the subtly cooling effects of paper mulch (~3° cooler than black plastic, ~2° cooler than bare soil). This becomes more advantageous every year as summers get hotter with climate change. Single-season plastic mulch has had its day in the sun; join us in making the transition sooner than later! Natural brown color.

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