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Crab Meal

Crab Meal

PriceFrom $13.50

(Approximately 4-4-0, approximately 18% Ca). A nutrient-rich byproduct of crab processing facilities. As well as being an excellent source of macronutrients, crab shell meal is high in chitin (13.1%). Adding it to your soil puts beneficial chitin-eating bacteria into a feeding frenzy and subsequent population boom. Once they’ve eaten up all the chitin you applied, they will turn upon pathogenic fungi and nematodes and disease-causing bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. A solid body of scientific evidence supports the efficacy of chitinous soil amendments in the control of soil-borne pathogens.

Will help you grow massive specimens of field-grown cannabis. Improves lodging resistance and reduces branch breakage. A key ingredient of our CannaLot mix. The same benefits of NPK and chitin apply to veggie cropland; also a useful addition to compost mixes and potting soils at ½ cup per cubic foot.

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