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Compost Plus

Compost Plus

A premium supplement designed to rejuvenate "tired" soil in containers or garden beds. Compost Plus provides a blend of minerals and organic matter to improve the structure and fertility of existing growing media when immediate fertility is needed. This mix will not burn roots. Blended from manure compost;sphagnum peat moss;crushed, washed screened granite/basalt blend;coconut coir;vermiculite;blood meal;kelp;gypsum;bone meal.


Also available in 2cu.yd. sling delivered directly to you for $755 + shipping. To order, submit the compost sling form here by Friday, February 3rd. The Bulk Order team will get back to you with a shipping quote from the supplier, and will wait for your approval before finalizing the order and sending an invoice. Any sling order started by Feburary 3rd will be honored if confirmed by Friday February 17th. Slings are in stock - they are marked "out of stock" as the volume discount does not apply to them and to avoid charging you before we know the shipping cost.


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