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Alice White Clover (not org)

Alice White Clover (not org)

Trifolium repens Perennial legume. Up to 12". Vigorous large-leafed white clover. Readily self-seeds. Excellent for improving soil quality in areas transitioning from woody growth; plant with Annual Ryegrass for this purpose. Efficient fixer of nitrogen. Excellent as perennial grazing pasture because of its large size and high nutritive value. Grasses grown with Alice clover show increased growth and vigor. Frost-seed at 4–5#/acre, or 2–3# when mixed with grasses, ¼#/1000 sq ft. Seed coated with Nitro-Coat® Organic for Legumes inoculant, an OMRI-Listed® coating.
Baystate Organic Certification Note: Organic use of conventional seed requires a search for an organic version first.
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